Heart of KK City

Inanam Town
Inanam Town

Inanam Town

Inanam is a suburb and sub-district of Kota Kinabalu in SabahMalaysia. It is situated 10 kilometres from the city centre. The town is  center point to west and east of Sabah.

Exploring Inanam 

City Mall logo
City Mall logo

City Mall

Located in the heart of the prime residential area in Kota Kinabalu and with a world-class design of natural light and open space,

Build 14 years ago, City Mall houses over 100 unique brands and 30 restaurants, a 4 star boutique hotel, with the largest fitness centre in Borneo, making it the most sought after living and entertainment area in the city.

City Mall's dramatic setting and accessibility has made it the location of choice for some of the best-known retail names and most reputable companies.

With 3 retail floors spread over 300,000 sq ft, the premier lifestyle and entertainment mecca attracts thousands of visitors weekly.

Shoppers will find the most completed supermarket, state of art department stores, specialty attractions and entertainment galore - combining over 200 shops for a great day out.

For more offerings, City Mall is complemented with luxurious Celyn Boutique Hotel located next to the mall.

For easier navigation, City Mall has divided into three themed zones; Life style, Food and Beverages on Level 1, Fashion Boulevards on Level 2 and Entertainment Zone on Level 3. 

At the North and South of the mall, it has a commercial shopping lot.  Each with 3 blocks. On North,  Block A, E and F.  On South, block B, C and D. 


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